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Maundy Thursday.

Dear self,


please don’t get upset so easily. Refrain from being so negative. Remember, you’re good enough. If you compare yourself to other people, you’ll never reach contentment in this life. Dwelling on negativity will do you no good. Detach yourself from the past, yes, it’s true that without the decisions…

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Summer look? and hello filter #ShortHair #summer2014 #filter

Home made halo-halo.. Hello cut thumb✌

Suddenly.. I’m thinking about you now.. I dunno why.. It just happened. i’m missing your smile, your laughter, your voice when you’re talking and when you’re singing while cooking, i miss seeing your face. The short greetings and conversation with you. I missed it.

Last camp my favorite was my second class. Its perfect. Not only because of my student but its also because of you. Our time was your time to get up.. So every time you go out from your room we’re the first one you got to see..and i got to see you too.. Those eyes and smile.. Yay! I really cant forget.. I dunno when will i see you again im not sure but this one is for sure that we will meet again.. I’ll visit SDI once in a while so i can see my co teachers who became close to me, my students and of course you.. I’ll see this smile again. I’ll see you soon :)


Just reblog if you remember them. :) 

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Happy birthday Gerard Arthur Way! :)

last April 2012 eto kami biglaang nagkita-kita.. AS IN BIGLAAN…

sa nakakalokang pagkakataon

Our friend texted us na uwi siya ng tarlac. That was 6 in the morning. So we expect that by 9-10 in the morning he’s here already.. Time flies, we received text again saying that he’s in the hospital. Naloka kaming magkakaibigan as in toxic nagte-text-an nagtatawagan kung ano anyare then di na kami naka pag pigil anyagal mag reply nung kapatid niya so we decided to na magkita kita sa hospital.. We’re at the hospital lobby at in fairnes andami namin at walang na-late yung mga sunabing time ng pag dating e eksakto.. So nag-tanong kami kung may naka confine na “bustarde” (surname) sabi nila merin pinuntahan namn laking gulat namin nung makita namin e asa female ward.. Tengeeeneee nanay pala niya yung asa hospital.. Tawang tawa samun yung mga staff ng hospital pati yung nanay niya..e medyo marami-rami kami kaya sabi ng nanay niya e lumarga na raw kami kasi madalang lang ng magkita kita at medyo marami.. Hihi :)

No sleep yet…

But still lots of energy ^_^

see you before midnight ^_^


2011 yan yung last na nag kita tayo.. Simula nung gru-maduate tayo ng high school sobrang dalang kita makita at makasama.. At sobrang ikli ng panahon at oras. Nakakamiss yung halos araw-araw tayo magkasama noon (high school days) minsan pa mga e pati sabado’t linggo e magkakasama tayo.. Haneeeep.. Di ko alam kung paano at kailan nag-start yung pagkakaibigan natin at di nag-laon e naging “parang” magkapatid na.. Sabi ko sa sarili ko “siguro kasi pareho tayong only child kaya nag-click tayo..yung tipong sabik na magkaroon ng kapatid.. And no doubt during my highschool days lalo na nung nakilala at naging close tayo ramdam ko na may kapatid na’ko at hanggamg ngayon though you’re far away pero ramdam ko parin.. Di nawawala yung kaibigan at yung kuya ko na nakilala ko noong high school ako/tayo.. Walang pagbabago.. The way we communicate while we’re apart akala ko may wall na kasi parang sobrang mature at feeling ko di ko na kakilala yung kaibigan at kuya ko pero noong nagkasama tayo ulit huwaaaawww baliw parin.. Haha doon ko na realized na we’re mature when we’re apart but when we’re together we look like a kid na sa sobrang simpleng bagay e tinatawanan natin, at hindi lang basta basta tawa halakhak kung halakhak.nag flash back lahat ng memories noong high school tayo yang ang sarap lang balikan nakakamiss yung buong batch natin actually :)


I want to have that someone who’ll deal with my bullshit, my laziness, my immaturity, my childishness, my mood-swings, my bad temper, my stupid comments about things, my weirdness and my annoying habits. I want that someone to be the reason why I smile even though He’s also the reason why I’m sad. I want that someone who’ll come to me, hold me and tell me, “Shhh. Baby, everything’s going to be alright.” I want to be with that someone who’ll make me feel that I am me. That someone who can accept me for me. That I can be myself when I’m with him. Because these bad things about me make me who I am.

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Cold drink for hot weather?? Naah hot drink is much better :)

"Ang kuya kong sapaw baw.." 😂😂😂 laki kasi ng pisngi.. 😁😂